Our Vision

Art education for everyone.


The In-Sight Photography Project was founded by Bill Ledger and John Willis when they were distracted by a large number of teenagers hanging around aimlessly in downtown Brattleboro and by the police who were moving them along for loitering. This scene was so distressing that they decided to teach a free course for these youths. Encouraged by an outpouring of community support, John and Bill built a darkroom and teaching facility. In-Sight now offers photography courses at the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels for students ages 11 to 18, and has served over 2,500 youth.

Mission:  The In-Sight Photography Project and its Exposures Cross-Cultural Youth Arts Program empower youth, through photography, to find their own creative voices and to communicate their unique personal visions. Classes in photographic arts are provided regardless of ability to pay. Curriculum is guided by understanding and respect for individuals, communities, and cultures.

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