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You are our perfect match

…and we love you for that

Thank you for your passion for In-Sight Photography Project. You can amplify your love by making a gift of any size today to help us reach a dollar for dollar matching pledge of $25,000 by The Willow Tree Fund.

Hearts beat loud as we work to build out our new welcoming, judgement-free community space where youth are encouraged to hang out, engage with mentors, question, and make good, healthy choices – even if they aren’t actively in class with us. 

Further, we aim to share our passion with the greater community. Your matching challenge gift will directly help us create a space that is accessible for all including more functional, healthy darkroom and classroom spaces that can be comfortably used by the differently-abled and people of a wide range of ages including older adults.

By giving to this matching challenge, you will allow us to share our devotion to focus on a future where we are more accessible to more youth and community members. Please share your love by donating to this matching challenge TODAY.

All of our Love,
The Staff at In-Sight Photography Project

Second level floorplan

First level floorplan

Our Goals

A critical first step has been achieved.  After a two year search In-Sight has purchased its new home on Main St. in Brattleboro and completed renovations as of February 2019.  Now our challenge is to raise the remainder of our $330.000 goal needed to equip and furnish this wonderful space. Our new facility will:

  • Be larger, safer, and more accessible

  • Increase our capacity to serve more students

  • Expand partnerships

  • Enhance the quality of instruction

  • Bring innovative new programs & activities to the community.

In-sight has been a consistent part of my life for several years now. It has been such an absolute home away from home; a totally nurturing place, consistently motivating me to create
— Current Student
In-Sight gave me an ability to connect with an array of young people and hone teaching skills that I didn’t know I had. It helped me see the importance of giving someone a way to share their voice when they hadn’t been able to. I saw the most amazing growth in my students over each session.
— Volunteer Teacher
My independent study at In-Sight was so cool. It was really nice to have a direction in which my energies were going, not just focusing on school. Like other people’s outlet is sports or something, but this is different and creative.
— Former Student