Business Sponsorship

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Why Sponsor Our Events?

This past year, In-Sight has made the exciting move into a larger, more functional and accessible facility on Main Street in downtown Brattleboro. While we are thrilled to have expanded our capacity for youth programming, we are even more excited to host on-site events open to the greater community. We could not be where we are without donors like you, because of that we are asking you to continue your support by sponsoring one or all of these community events.

what community Events do we offer?

Through the end of the year, we are offering a variety of monthly events open to the public, such as artists talks, gallery exhibitions, and movie nights. These events invite our current students, alumni, and families back into our space and open up the door for new faces to become a part of the In-Sight community. Along with these events, we will also be hosting our 21st Annual Benefit Auction this October, which features a vibrant collection of work from artists both locally and internationally. Our auction receives a substantial amount of online bids from around the globe as well as hundreds of in-person visitors.

What your donation supports

With your donation, you will be supporting a dedicated community of students, teaching-artists, volunteers, and staff who all work to make In-Sight an empowering and confidence-building place where youth feel welcome to craft their own unique personal visions through photography.