Lost and Found

In every educational setting there are things that get left behind and are then collected in a “Lost and Found” box, bin, shelf, etc. In-Sight is no different in that regard. But in our “Lost and Found” there is not the familiar mitten, water bottle, or sweater. Instead we have photographs, negatives, and contact sheets. A lost image of a cat, or a friend lounging in a hammock, or just an abandoned experiment.

These images that have been left behind give us a view into the eyes of the photographer and what they choose to point the camera at. They also show us the process that goes into making a photograph. We see the negatives, the unedited beginning of the analog photographic process. We see the successes and the failures, the blank images, the difficulty of developing the film, the chemical stains, and the experimentation.

In the end, from what was lost we have now found a new way of looking, through the perspective of an In-Sight student, and an interesting look at the process involved in their visual and technical learning.